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Photography – Photoshop Actions

Naldz Graphics has a list of Photoshop actions to enhance photos. I use the Lightroom route to process photos, but some actions can be good to have in Photoshop for inspiration or just playing around.

Photoshop – Designing Web Elements

Carsonified has an interesting artocle with some photoshop tutorials on design elements for the web with Photoshop.

Photoshop – Mastering the Pen Tool

Smashing Magazine has a great article on the Pen tool. I haven't gone through it yet, but the pen tool is one of the most useful and misunderstood tools to use. Lots of helpful info in this.

Photoshop – Performance Tweaks

Smashing Magazine has a great article about how to tweak Photoshop to get better performance:

Web Design – Creating the Web 2.0 Look

Even though it's now becoming outdated, have a good article on how to create a web 2.0 look in Photoshop using the 960 grid system. It's a two part article that will include how to code it in CSS.

Photoshop – Actions has a good post listing over 20 photoshop actions.

Photoshop – SpeedUp

This utility allows you to disable filters and plugins from loading in Photoshop at start up to decrease load times.

Image Editing – Seam Carving

SEAMonster is a freeware image resizing and cropping tool that uses seam carving.  Seam Carving is basically a way of keeping important parts of images intact and removing other parts that have little difference in the pixels (e.g., the sea).SEAMonster can be downloaded here.

I haven't used one before, but it reminds me of another Photoshop plugin called Genuine Fractals. This uses an algorithm to resize images with minimum pixelation. It basically uses a best guess algorithm to fill in pixels of the resized image. This is used in contrast to using bicubic resizing, which resizes an image but duplicates it's neighbouring pixels attributes.

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