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Web Testing – Fixing Layout Problems in IE

Here's a great resource on some simple steps to take when fixing bugs in IE6.

One extremely handy tool mentioned in the article is IETester. It's a program that renders websites in IE 5.5 to IE8.

Web Development – Minimise Load Times

Smashing Magazine has tweeted a very informative link on how to minimize web page load times. It lists some great tools which analyse load times.

Web – Graded Browser Support

When developing web sites, how the site works and looks in different browsers should be tested. This can be a time consuming process of creating custom hacks, tweaking code, developing alternate workarounds or even ignoring incompatibility issues.

One of the main problems confronted is the selection of which browsers should be selected to test with. Yahoo developer network has created a list of "A-Grade Browsers". A-Grade Browsers are fully functional browsers which account for 96% market share.

Testing time can be greatly reduced when used with

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